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In combination with our partner training company, Quantum Training Institute we run a combination of training and seminars both live and online covering many categories in Business, Leadership & Influence, Communication, Sports, Coaching, Motivation and Self Confidence.

David has been training around Australia for over 10 years and is recognised as one of Australia’s most exciting and passionate trainers and motivational public speakers in the field of NLP, Behavioural & Sports Psychology, a modern day leader and with expert knowledge in Behavioural Science, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology), Coaching, Leadership and Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Motivation, Hypnosis, Personal Development, theories of Quantum physics, Sports Psychology, The Mind, and so much more….

We train fully Internationally Accredited multi-day training’s in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) at Practitioner / Leadership Coach (Level 1) and Master Practitioner / Master Coach (Level 2) which we train under the banner of our training company Quantum Training Institute. QTI is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Fully Accredited NLP Educational Training Institutes.

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Below are some of our Online & Live trainings and seminars:


• Leadership & Influence (** Online Course)
• Assertiveness & Self Confidence ( ** Online Course)
• Conflict Resolution ( ** Online Course)
• 2 Day Free Life Coaching
• Stress Management
• Emotional Intelligence

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology)

• Discovering NLP
• Timeline Coaching
• NLP Diploma Leadership & Communication (ANLP UK Accredited)
• NLP Practitioner / Leadership Coach (Internationally Accredited)
• NLP Master Practitioner / Master Coach (Internationally Accredited)


• 2 Day Free Life Coaching
• Emotional Intelligence
• Timeline Coaching
• Hypnosis & The Mind
• Psychology of Success
• Discovering NLP

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