I went to see David about my migraines and anger. I knew they were linked but I was soon to find out exactly where they came from. It amazed me where David took me and I was absolutely blown away by the results. After just the first session, I felt an enormous shift not being able to quite believe what had just happened. My second session was incredible. I have tried many things to cure my migraines and I went to see David for my second session with a migraine.

The pain was 9 out of 10 when I arrived (1 being no pain, 10 being the worst) and by the end of the session, it was gone, along with a lot of resentment that was being held inside from my childhood. With David’s help I was able to see clearly where my migraines were coming from and able to see clearly what was blocking me from moving forward. David has so much knowledge and has also taught me a few good tricks to use throughout the day if I felt one coming on or if I felt myself getting worked up.

I use them a lot and I have not had a migraine or even a headache since seeing him. I went to a third session which was great and just clarified things for me further. I have let go of so much ‘stuff’ that I have held onto for so many years and things have since, simply fallen into place. David made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the sessions and since I have felt so much more stable and grounded.

Darci - Tweed Heads, Dancer