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Improve Your Performance – Develop a Psychology of Success

Developing mental and emotional strength and capabilities to be in control of your optimal physiological performance state will not only give you that winning edge in your performances, but in the game of life…

Understanding not only ‘What’ BUT ‘How’ we think is a very important component to being in control of our mental and emotional state. How we think, about our abilities, preparation, readiness, our opponent, how well you think you’ve eaten and rested, how previous events have gone, how much is riding on this event, what feared scenarios might be running through your head, whether you have a plan and well-formed goals… etc these are the strategies we are running in our heads – both good and bad…

“The good news is our strategies are NOT fixed – they can be altered to work in a very powerful positive way.”

These products of the event and what you think and feel will give you specific psychological challenges to face and conquer, or they’ll hurt your performance. This requires a careful assessment of what goes on in your head beforehand and suggestions can be offered. Otherwise, there is only a very low chance that any suggestions will work.

All sports each have a significant psychological element. The best athletes have the most developed and robust psychological skills. But you don’t need to be a pro to develop these skills and improve.

Below is a list of some of the areas of how Sports Psychology can assist:

• Manage pre-event tension and worry so you arrive at the race fresh and ready.
• Maintain focus on key elements of importance for optimum performance, without getting distracted.
• Develop routines to minimise pre-competition nerves and remain confident.
• Manage your emotions (stress, frustration…) that can develop during an event so they don’t derail your performance.
• Maintain confidence in your ability to hold your performance and bounce back from any setbacks or unexpected hurdles.
• Set goals for the year, month and training session to shape what you do, focus your efforts and improve performance more quickly.
• Re-visit why you train and compete, what motivates you, and set-up training so you increase motivation.
• Develop images and visualise your performance – this speeds up learning and increases confidence.
• Process the experiences that hold you back so you can get back to performing well.
• Manage poor past performances so they don’t haunt you for the rest of an event or season.

Our Sports Psychology Coaching programs are designed to help you create mental strength in your performances and life in general. If you are not achieving the results you want or perhaps not following through or taking enough action necessary to achieve your desired results.

We will provide you the tools, techniques and psychology enabling you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

You will be equipped with the skills, tools and insights necessary to create a mindset for success as well as developing an acute awareness of the behavioural patterns preventing you achieving the success you are working so hard to achieve.

Working with you, you will:

• establish mental clarity and focus
• be inspired to achieve more
• be empowered and taught practical and philosophical tools for success
• shift any limiting beliefs that may be stopping you from achieving
• learn to shift negative internal dialogue (self talk)
• feel passionate and motivated to sustain complete focus
• be successfully guided towards reaching your goals, intentions and outcomes
• create strategies that create powerful results
• learn tools for more calmness and less anxiety

“Limit the things you worry about. Worry about the things that you can control. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control…. You can control your preparation and your attitude and your desire.” – Michael Johnston, 200m & 400m Olympic Champion

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