The Science of Hypnosis

"...Bypassing the critical factor to establish acceptable thinking'

Bypassing the critical factor to establish acceptable thinking is the United States government's description of hypnosis. There are a few misconceptions about hypnosis that people have been led to believe either through the media or stage hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we drift in and out of regularly on a daily basis. When we focus or concentrate our attention on any idea, object or activity for around 10 seconds, we naturally drift into an altered state of consciousness or alpha state, if you like. This happens on a regular basis during our normal day to day lives. There is nothing unnatural about hypnosis (alpha state).

Below are a few examples when you would drift into the alpha state:

Watching television; reading a book; driving a car; daydreaming; staring at a computer monitor; every time we go to sleep and awaken we pass through the alpha and theta states focusing on someone speaking in public or at a seminar; concentrating in sports or the arts ...

ALL PEAK Performance whether it be the arts or sports, are performed in the Alpha state. ' This is the state of Excellence'. What we are doing is tapping in to the powerful mind; the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years dating back to the Greeks, Egyptians and Babylonians where they used sleep temples. These were the healing temples, places where people were healed of many things (keeping in mind that medicine as we know it today has only been around for around 100 years).

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness that we go in and out of regularly during our day to day lives...

‘Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness...’

Let me explain this in more detail. When we are awake (waking state – see beta state below for more info), oxygen increases in the body, the heart speeds up and the mind is alert. The hypo metabolic state (Sleep state – see delta state for more details), oxygen decreases, the heartbeat slows down and consciousness blanks out. The hypo metabolic waking state (theta state – see theta state below for more details), rest is twice as deep as sleep, the mind is alert and the body is deeply relaxed.

‘You cannot be hypnotised against your will...’

Because hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness you cannot be hypnotised against your will or made to do something you do not want to do in hypnosis. You can either accept or refuse any suggestion given from the hypnotist. You are in total control during any hypnosis session and can pull yourself out of hypnosis at any time by simply just opening your eyes. It is also impossible for anyone to get stuck in hypnosis. If the hypnotist had a heart attack and died the client would either wake up or enter into a natural state of sleep and then wake up minutes later.

‘All levels of the mind have a protective mechanism...’

All levels of the mind have a protective mechanism; The conscious mind's protective mechanism protects you against perceived danger, the subconscious minds protective mechanism protects you against dangers and motivates you to full-fill your desires. The unconscious minds protective mechanism protects you against infection and uses reflexes and the critical factor protects against unnecessary changes.

Studies from over fifty years ago told us that only certain people could be hypnotised, but since then studies show us that anyone with a normal mental state of awareness and can concentrate can be hypnotised. As mentioned above, anyone who watches television goes straight into the alpha state within 10 seconds (see alpha state below). The depth you allow yourself to drift into will be the choice of your own subconscious mind along with the skill of your hypnotherapist.

"The deeper you go the better you feel - the better you feel the quicker you’ll heal..."

Hypnosis is a pure and safe natural (NO DRUGS) way of healing the mind and body. And because the body is controlled by the unconscious mind, through hypnosis we can make changes to the body. You simply just need to want to change, and allow yourself to change your thinking and you will change your life.


We have known for many years that brain activity can be measured on a device called the electroencephalograph or better known as an EEG. The brain produces around 10 watts of electrical current and the EEG measures the patterns of brain waves. There are four primary brain wave patterns; beta waves, alpha waves, theta waves and delta waves. All of which are contained within a total energy spectrum of 0–40 cycles per second (CPS) of vibrations.

We operate our daily lives in the conscious mind; this is measured as the beta state. Focused attention moves you into the alpha state which slows your brain waves down. Then there is the theta state which slows your brain waves down even further which feels like you are very drowsy. And finally the delta state which is the normal sleep state where your conscious mind is fully disengaged, and your unconscious mind continues to regulate your bodily functions ie; (breath, heartbeat etc).


The BETA state known as the waking state is one of awakened physical awareness, with the conscious mind alert to all the senses. This is the state of which we spend most of our waking time. It is the critical thought level and is usually associated with activities such as writing a letter or solving a math problem. BETA waves fall into a fast paced vibration of 14–33 CPS. Our average BETA level is 21 CPS. While in BETA, we experience a sense of being controlled by time and space.


The ALPHA state is one which brings heightened creativity and enhanced physical relaxation. The ALPHA rate of vibration is 8–12 CPS and is most conducive to concentration and new learning. Scientific research tells us that we constantly drift in and out of the ALPHA state all day without ever knowing it. This can explain how we manage to drive our cars home with no conscious recall of how we got there.

Scientific studies also show us that out of 1000 people monitored on an EEG and placed in front of a television set, the average person lasted no longer than 9 seconds before entering into the ALPHA state. While in the ALPHA state we feel detached but alert, experiencing a definite slowing of body pulsation, therefore more relaxed.


The THETA state of consciousness is an area we pass through on the way to and coming out of sleep. THETA waves vibrate at 4–7 CPS. In THETA there is control of muscular activities, heart rate and pulse pressure. This is a very powerful state; a place where powerful healing can take place, this is where we have excellent access to the unconscious mind. In THETA you will feel very drowsy but your senses become 400% more aware than in the waking state.


The DELTA state is profoundly sleep. DELTA wave vibrations slow down to 3–7 CPS. This is also the dream state. A period of rest, rejuvenation and body cell renewal. Lack of sleep can result in DELTA deprivation and lead to serious disorders.

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