Online Coaching

online coaching

Why Online Coaching?

Finding a qualified coach in some places can be a challenge, and in remote areas, it might just not be possible. Online Coaching gives clients the same opportunities to work with us at Optimum Performance, and that’s not just in Australia, but all over the world.

Our online ‘Performance Coaching Programs offers confidential coaching sessions with actually some benefits over traditional, face-to-face coaching. Because it takes place online, housebound and/or for disabled individuals or those who prefer the comfort of their own home do not have to worry about traveling requirements. Online coaching is also perfect for busy people who have tight schedules and for people who live in remote areas far from our coaching office on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Online coaching can also benefit the hearing impaired, with coaching sessions available through text chat.

What We Can Help With

Our online ‘Elite Performance Coaching’ program service is the same as what we offer for in-office coaching. Whether your goal is to improve your performance with your business, sports, entertainment, or life in general we will work with you to achieve your goal/outcomes. Our online coaching services include:

  1. Sports Psychology
  2. Peak Performance Coaching
  3. NLP Coaching Psychology
  4. CBC Coaching (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching)

How Online Coaching Works

Coaching online requires only an internet connection and a net-enabled device on which you can send and receive e-mail, use text chat programs, or video programs like Skype. You can attend your online coaching sessions anywhere with your laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Once you have decided to commit and begin your coaching journey with Optimum Performance, we will arrange and sync our times together through email, messenger or Skype as you maybe in a different time zone (we are in Australia – EST). You can book and register for your coaching sessions online for your convenience.

Please contact us if you have further questions about setting up your preferred method of coaching prior to beginning your coaching sessions.

We can set up our sessions with the below methods:

• Skype (visual or just audio) – this is our most preferred method.
• Email – is used for follow ups during our sessions.
• Facebook Messenger – is used for follow ups during our sessions.

Setting up your Skype account:

  1. Go to this address and click on the download tab, then choose the app for your required device – computer (mac or pc) / phone (apple or android).
  2. Install on your device – You will need a username and password to set up.
  3. It will take you through a setup procedure to make sure your sound and video is working.
  4. Once installed and setup – you will need to search for ‘optperformance’ and add me to your contacts or email or sms me your username and I will call you at the required time.

Coaching via Skype

Coaching via Skype permits a greater amount of confidentiality and anonymity as well as being more convenient in terms of time than conventional coaching.

Skype coaching enables you to find a day and time that works with your busy schedule. Because there is no travelling required to a physical office, Skype coaching saves you the time you could be spending in traffic. Online coaching also has the convenience of allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home.

With live video and real-time voice chat, Skype coaching provides an experience similar to and as effective as traditional in-office coaching sessions. You can benefit from our coaching and coaching services from the comfort of your favourite chair.

If you have any questions about Skype coaching, please contact us for more information.

Booking a consultation it couldn’t be easier.

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