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What hypnosis can it do for me..?

With over 12 years in clinical practice and well over a thousand clients, you can feel very confident that you are in excellent company and an expert in the field of hypnosis.

We are able to uncover any negative patterns and programs that are blocking you from achieving what you want. With your permission we can remove any unwanted or limiting beliefs, behaviours or negative emotions which can stop you from moving towards 'equilbrium' - a balance state of mind and body, creating more freedom, clarity and fulfilment within the mind body system.

What can be achieved using hypnosis..?

When using hypnosis you are entering into the subconscious mind where all our habits, past experiences etc, and your true inner strength resides. This is where we find that inner strength to go that last mile, or to lift that tonne weight off someone to save a life. There really is NO limits in the subconscious except the ones that we place upon ourselves through our beliefs.

"Having suffered with high blood pressure for many years; I was told that I would have to be on medication for most of my life. My blood pressure has become normal once again, I'm so pleased." – Bruce (Palm Beach)

What can we work with..?

We can work on just about anything with hypnosis including below:

  • Build Confidence, Self Assurance and Motivation
  • Learn to Manage Stress or Anxiety
  • Move on from the feelings of Anger, Depression, Frustration
  • Remove Phobias & Fears
  • Create New Behaviours & Beliefs for Success
  • Remove Internal / External Conflicts
  • Limited Beliefs holding you back
  • Develop New strategies to achieve success?
  • Stuck... Can't move forward?
  • Become the best you can be
  • Lose Weight and Gain more Confidence
  • Negative Emotions or Behaviours a problem?
  • Live a more Healthier Life and Quit Sabotaging
  • Learn Successful Strategies for Creating Results
  • Is your past - holding you back?
  • Need more Focus and Attitude geared for Success
  • Clear Old Emotional habits
  • Find forgiveness of Self and Others to move on
  • Improve your sleeping patterns with more Consistency
  • Sports Hypnosis for Improvement

We work with you to achieve your goals and outcomes so that you perform to your highest potential in your life, career, relationship, and business under duress and under any conditions. Hypnosis works at the subconscious level and your emotions are coming from the same place, so it makes sense to work at the same level creating new strategies giving you more control to perform at an optimal level.

I went to see David about a lifelong phobia of needles and in one session it had gone. We did a follow up to make sure and it was definitely gone as I had been to the doctors in between sessions. – Deborah (Bundall)

Clearing up the myth..?

Hypnosis is often referred to as a loss of control, but nothing is further from the truth. In this powerful state you are very much aware of your surroundings. Hypnosis is not only effective in assisting with removing old unwanted patterns and programs, it can also help direct the mind's energy to alter concepts, sensations, patterns of thought and unwanted behaviours.

Through the use of simple and respectful techniques, it is possible to harness and focus an unlimited supply of mental energy that can be used to create the kind of life you want.

Rather than waste a fair amount of your precious time explaining to you the science of hypnosis I would much rather explain to you what hypnosis and hypnotherapy can do for you... If you want to read about WHAT hypnosis is you can read more either here on our faqs page or I have a blog that explains the science of hypnosis which you can read if you click this link - The science of hypnosis...

Lets clear up any confusion here... Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are the same thing - Hypnosis being simply the name state that you enter once you move into a trance like state and Hypnotherapy meaning - Carrying out Therapy in the State of hypnosis.

What happens in a hypnosis session..?

Once you have decided what you want to work with in hypnosis you will be gently guided into a relaxed state, similar to meditation. This is all done through words and language. Once at a nice deep level of hypnosis the hypnotherapist will begin to use 'suggestions' aimed at the subconscious mind. This is a very simple gentle and relaxing experience. It is quite well known that you after your hypnosis session you feel very relaxed for a period of time and then find your self feeling very clear and focused about what ever it is you need to carry out.

It was great to visit my past and clear up some issues that I have been carrying around for years (and a few I didn’t know I had). I had to release resentment and anger and I feel a better person for it, I have now an inner peace. – Clem (Robina)

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