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Results Based Coaching...

Our Results Based Style of coaching uses successful strategies proven over time to get you where you want to go...

A Skillset for Success...

We not only get you to your destination - we teach you the mental strength to shine above those around you...

We Create Leaders...

Not only will you find more Success with your new found skills you will begin to Inspire others to Succeed...

Focus on the Solution...

People often focus on the problem - But we focus on the solution, moving you towards your destination much faster...

Message From
the coach

.... with all the complexities life hands us, it's so easy to get tripped up, to lose our sense of emotional direction, and to allow unnecessary barriers to prevent us from creating the lives we want.

Cutting edge tools like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology), Hypnotherapy, Sports Psychology, and Performance Coaching are used to direct you back into alignment and freeing up the energy you need to feel fully alive, and to live fully present in the moment.

With a wholistic and caring approach, I will support and assist you in your desire to create a more balanced system both mentally and physically so you can experience life as a whole, effective, and peaceful human being. Whether you want to transform old memories, breakthrough old patterns or habits, create new behaviours, or simply feel stronger and better about yourself. With over 12 years experience within areas of behavioural expertise, I can assist you to re-shape and re-focus your attention, and begin moving you effectively toward the life you want to design.

How Do We Create Success in our Careers our Lives?

To reach the state of Optimum Peak Performance, both mind and body must be in alignment, with each other. This is known as being in the state of ‘Flow’ OR ‘In the Zone'.

This relates to all areas of life not just within sports, if our needs are not being met at some level the structure will without doubt break down at some time.  Although there are unproductive strategies that are creating these in-balances at some level (beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions, behaviours, etc), we can after looking into these blockages update, re-install, or create new strategies for a person to go on an create a life of success, achievement, happiness and fulfilment.

We believe that each and every human being who is without any neurological impairment (95% of the population) – has at the core level what it takes to achieve amazing results.

Our Success and Longevity 12 years within the coaching business has been built on our clients Results - So our coaching motto is… ‘Your Success is Our Success’. Every client is assessed, coached, trained and mentored in their own unique way, based on their ultimate goals and desired outcomes.

It ALL starts with asking yourself.... 'WHAT DO I REALLY WANT...?'

…Are you READY to take the challenge?

If you require any further information about our Peak Performance Coaching Programs on the Gold Coast or Online Call Peak Performance – Gold Coast on 0403 922 765 to arrange a FREE consultation or to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can email me at: info@peakperformance.net.au

Coaching you to achieve an Optimum Level of Performance in your Career – Life – Sports – Relationships – Business, – Peak Performance – Gold Coast, QLD.


Inspire To Succeed

“It is here where natural leaders are born, we all have this within us and is bursting to show itself. Lead yourself & others to success…”

Passion & Motivation

“E-motion is energy in motion, it can either make or break you – the key is how, when and where you direct it.”

Growth & Determination

“Determination is what is needed to reach great heights, it means stepping it up, and making changes – Growth takes place at this time.”

Cause & Effect

“Living your life at Effect of something else is disempowering and leads to low self esteem - Living your life at Cause is taking back responsibility, creating a pro-active empowering model of the world.”


• Certified International NLP Trainer/Teacher
• Bachelor of Science Degree
• Masters in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) & Coaching
• Peak Performance Coach
• Diploma in Youth Work
• Diploma in Sports Psychology
• Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
• Certificate of Advanced Hypnosis (Regression)
• Accredited AFL Youth Coach
• Certificate 4 in Fitness
• Certificate in Nutrition & Supplements
• Certificate in Kids Training
• Blue Card (QLD) - Working with children


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