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Taking responsibility of what's working.
The most important step in the chain to making profound change. Once we take ownership we create opportunity...


Creating a systematic framework for success.
It begins with a very simple, but powerful question ...What do I really want to achieve in my life, business, sports, career, etc?


A goal is just dream until you take action.
The Physical journey towards success... and possibly the most important part of making changes is in the doing.


Are determined by our progress...
We regularly achieve outcomes - but rarely are they what we really want. The focus of our attention will determine the outcome

A little about David

...Be the change

I have been studying the field of human behaviour and the mind for over 15 years now... specialising as a Performance Coach and International Accredited trainer in the field of NLP & Behavioural Science.

I have dedicated much of my life to assisting people in making empowered successful changes in their lives, coaching  everyone from corporate and mainstream athletes, to businesses assisting people to get through difficult times in their lives.

Whether we are assisting you with "Getting the Edge" and increasing your level of performance in Sports, Business & Life in general our goals are always the same... We take your dreams and visions and make them your reality, after all a goal is only a dream until you take action, is it not...

We get you to where you want to go to achieve those results in your sport, life and career much faster.

David Wright BSc MNLP DCH DipSpPsych
Performance - Business - Life Coach & NLP Trainer

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Performance Coaching

performance, life, business coaching gold coast

A Mindset that produces results

Are you ready to go to the next level...?
Are you 100% committed to achieving better results? Our Performance Coaching Programs will teach you powerful strategies – leading to outstanding results...

Mental Edge Coaching

Sports Psychology Coaching Gold Coast, Brisbane

Develop Your Mental Strength

Want to Improve Your Performance..?
Developing your mental and emotional strength and capabilities will not only give you that winning edge in your performances, but in the game of life...

Hypnosis for Change

hypnosis and hypnotherapy goldcoast

The Power of Your Mind

What can hypnosis assist me with..?
Our lives are run by the programs that we have installed - Working in the state of Hypnosis allows us to make deep lasting changes for success...